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What Is The Best Medicine For A Cold Sore? Simple Tips For Effective Treatment!

Posted on December 1, 2018 in Uncategorized

Cold sores are known to be persistent, because the causative agent is incurable. You cannot avoid an outbreak once you have the virus, but there are drugs from which will fit the criteria for the best medicine for a cold sore. As will be described below, some of these drugs are accepted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which are tested and are proven to work well:

1. Zovirax – an FDA approved drug that reduces the symptoms felt even at low doses. But for the pain, higher doses may be required.

2. Denavir – also an FDA aapproved drug. When taken in the early signs of symptoms – will reduce the time for the sores to heal.

3. Famvir – take one high dose of this pill to hasten the virus infection by two days. This too is an FDA approved drug.

4. Valtrex – Take this twice a day (for one day only) to shorten the viral infection.

5. Aspirin – two tablets of this will reduce the swelling and redness of the sores. Or you can crush a tablet to make a powder, and then apply it to the sores directly.

6. Abreva – is an FDA approved cream for these kind of sores. This cream is also one of the best medicine for a cold sore as it can shorten the duration of infection and hasten the healing process. Other than that, it can also relieve the symptoms like, tingling and pain.

7. Aloe gel – this is applied on the sores for fast relief from pain and itching. This cream is from the Aloe Vera plant, which has antiviral properties that are good for curing these sores.

Any of these drugs will work, especially if you always keep the sores clean, dry and protected. It is also important that you keep your immune system healthy so that it can fight the virus infection. And because the virus is not cured with any of these medicines, you must avoid the factors that can trigger a sore outbreak in the first place.