Zovirax Cream

Zovirax Cream

Cold Sore Remedy

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Cold sores are caused by a virus known as Herpes Simplex (HSV1). This Simplex affects the oral region: around and in the mouth, the tongue and nose. Outbreaks of this virus occur periodically and are usually brought on by stress, excessive exposure to the sun, colds and fever.

Commonly, the first sign of an outbreak is a skin irritation or rash. The area then blisters, often oozing a transparent liquid, then becomes crusty. Cold sores are easily transmitted. Here are some simple ways to avoid contagion:

  • Do not kiss someone with an active lesion
  • Do not share razors
  • Do not share towels
  • Do not share cups or glasses

It is important to treat this condition with caution, as it can be transmitted to the eyes and the genitalia. When this occurs these conditions are much more difficult to treat and can have long term effects.

There are many ways to treat these lesions. Ointments can be applied directly to the affected area. There are also anti-viral medications that be taken internally, such as Zovirax or Valt

One of the most popular over-the-counter treatments for cold sores is Abreva (10% Ducosanol). Zovirax is a prescription ointment that helps prevent outbreaks. Both these creams should be applied at the first sign of an outbreak.

There exist a variety of home remedies to reduce the length of a cold sore outbreak. Here are a few:

  • baking soda paste
  • green tea seeped with ground ginger
  • zinc paste

There are also natural remedies such as:

  • Trilex
  • H-Away
  • H-Prevention

Laser Treatment:

The most effective way to treat the Herpes virus is with the use of a diode laser. Laser light kills the virus and the lesion disappears within a day or two. Since the laser eradicates the cause there will never be another outbreak in that specific area. The diode laser promotes healing and lessens the chance of scarring.

Herpes Simplex should not be confused with Herpes Zoster, commonly known as Shingles or Zona. Although they are from the same subviral family, the initial infection is from the Varicella Zoster virus (chickenpox). The varicella becomes latent in the nerve cell bodies and often recur many decades later as a painful and debilitating condition.

If you suffer from the discomforts of this ailment, a consultation with your dental professional will allow you to discover the options that are available and help you diminish the frequency and length of these outbreaks.

For more information regarding Cold Sore Remedies please contact Dr Vivian Rahausen

Simple And Efficient Ways To Treat Cold Sores

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Many people who suffer from cold sores are complaining about the sores’ persistent and unpredictable recurrences. They get frustrated each time they wake up and see those red, swollen bumps or blisters on their lips, mouth, or nostrils. Aside from being itchy and painful, these sores are really unsightly. So this article is intended to discuss the ways to treat cold sores.

There are many different ways to treat cold sores. Some are supported by the Foods and Drugs Administration (FDA). Denavir is an example of an FDA approved drug. This, along with Zovirax, Valtrex and Famvir will decrease the period of the sore outbreak and will increase the speed of the healing process. These drugs are taken orally at different doses. On the other hand, there are FDA approved creams too. Abreva is a common example of these external treatments. Other useful and effective creams are Penciclovir and Acyclovir. Like the oral medications, these creams have a positive effect on the sores’ healing process.

At home, you can also find some simple ways to treat cold sores. You can do cold compressess using ice bags or tea bags. Tea is said to contain tannic acid that has a healing effect for the sores. You can also gather some herbs like peppermint and Aloe Vera. Applying a few drops of extract will suffice.

While you are using any of these treatments above, you need to make sure that you keep the sores clean and dry. You also need to take note of the foods that can trigger the sores, like peas and cereals. It is equally important that you eat foods which help heal this condition such as potatoes. You must be meticulous with your foods as well as careful with the factors (like emotional and physical stress) that can stimulate a sore outbreak.


5 Cold Sore Fixes That Will Save You From Misery

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Today is the a special day for you. When you wake up this morning, somehow you feel a pesky cold sore forming. The worst thing is that they always show at the wrong time. Not only that these sores can painful, imagine the embarrassment that you have to deal with. You are definitely right when I say they are downright annoying. So why don’t you catch them early, and fend them off with 5 tips as illustrated below.

Abreva (docosanol) is one of the best over-the-counter topical remedy for cold sores. I believe you have watched a commercial for Abreva at least once in your lifetime. The ad may shed light on the ugly sides of the herpes virus. But Abreva is known for its effectiveness in minimizing the pain associated with fever blisters. It also helps making the size of the blisters smaller. When you start to feel that tingle, you should apply it as soon as you can. Abreva also makes it possible for you to put makeup on sore that has been treated.

Apply with a cotton bud. You should not use your finger. The herpes virus is contagious, so it can easily spread to other regions of your body if your fingers are infected. You should not use it more than 10 days. The cream is meant to be used 5 times daily. Once the sore has become non visible, you can stop using it.

Generally, the results you get Abreva is not comparable to the prescription option. However, due to its price that most people can afford to buy it, I think you should try it.

If you are the kind of person that will faint at the sight of needles, then oral prescriptions would be best for you. Phone your doctor for information on Famvir, Zovirax, and Valtrex and maybe you can take them. These oral prescription can help you fight off infection and prevent the herpes virus from spreading.

If you have no time to visit your pharmacist, then you can try Visine. You can also calm the inflammation of cold sores with this eye drop.

In Europe, most people who choose holistic treatments for cold sores use lemon balm or mellisa. The substances in this essential oil have exhibited their abilities in suppressing the herpes virus. The German researchers found that the outbreaks were less frequent or the sores were non-existent for those with chronic cold sores who used lemon balm often.

In laboratory setting, resveratrol, has demonstrated its ability in suppressing the herpes simplex virus. Based on a study performed at the Northeastern Ohio University, if resveratrol cream was applied one or six hours after the subjects were infected with the herpes virus and applied topical from two to five times daily, the cold sore stopped developing, The effectiveness of resveratrol cream is comparable to 5% acyclovir topical cream. Another good thing about resveratrol is that it works in herpes infected animal even the virus has developed a resistance against acyclovir. No side effects were documented until now.