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Cold Sores – Treatment For Any Kind of Breakout

Posted on December 7, 2018 in Uncategorized

I’m pretty sure that everyone has developed a cold sore at one point in their lives; today, were going to discuss different cold sores treatment to help you reduce or eliminate these annoying sores all together. Of course, with any course of treatment we need to figure out exactly what is a cold sore, and how do they develop before we can state a course of action against it. Cold sores are fluid blisters that appear either around your lips, mouth or nose. A cold sore is brought on by a viral infection. Out bodies are not immune to the viral affection associated with cold sores therefore they often recur.

Keep in mind, that most cold sores normally last for about 7-10 days and dissipate in their own due time. But, for those of us who can not stand the pain and the itching associated with the sores, there are treatments available to suppress the symptoms and a few that deem that they can cure and prevent the sores from reappearing.

Abreva, is a popular non-prescription treatment for sores. You can find Abreva at any local drug store. This treatment has been noted to reduce symptoms and eliminate the length of the cold sore outbreak. The topical cream is to be applied five times a day once symptoms start to develop for up to ten days. Another topical cream that can be used in eliminating this annoying sore for once and all is called Zovirax. Just like Abreva, this cream deems that it can help reduce the pain and symptoms associated with the sores. The main variation between using this cream is you need to apply it anywhere between 4-6 times daily depending on the severity of the sore.

There are also oral treatments for those of you who like a structured way to medicate. A few oral treatments you may try are Acylcovir, Famciclovir, and Valacyclovir. These drugs are available through your doctor; we might know them by their simple names which are Zovirax, Famvir, and Valtrex. All of the oral treatments are to be taken at the first sign of a sore and state they need to be taken to help with the current breakout as well as preventing reoccurring breakouts.

When we were all kids, cold sores were not a thing to be much less worried about. It’s funny how things drastically change in the scientific world almost overnight. We are sure with trying a few of the treatments mentioned, everyone can find the appropriate measures to administer for their own cold sore breakouts.