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Best Treatment Cold Sores

Posted on May 20, 2018 in Uncategorized

Many people today end up dealing with cold sores, which are very painful blisters that occur in the mouth or around the mouth. They are contagious and caused by a virus known as herpes simplex. Usually they only last for about a week to ten days, but this is too long if you’re dealing with these unsightly sores. If you have a cold sore, no doubt you’re looking for the best treatment cold sores out there. Well, many people are finding that natural treatments work the best, so here are a few of the top natural treatments that can provide you with some help.

Lemon Balm

Another great treatment that is all natural for cold sores is lemon balm. It is known to have antiviral properties and studies have shown that using creams that include lemon balm in them can help to heal blisters much faster. When you use it regularly, not only can it help to get rid of cold sores, but it may even be able to help prevent them as well.


One natural treatment that is probably best treatment cold sores is lysine. It is actually an amino acid and you can easily get it through supplements. The body doesn’t make this amino acid, but you can get it in food or supplements. Studies have shown that it can help to keep the herpes simplex virus from spreading. This amino acid helps to make proteins within the body, which aids in the production of antibodies that are needed to fight off problems, such as viruses. You can get lysine through many foods, such as cheeses, milk, meats, eggs, and more. Also you can get it by taking supplements or you can even use ointments that contain lysine as well.


Resveratrol is another natural treatment option and it is found in red grapes. It has also been studied and found to help fight off herpes simplex as well. One study that showed when people applied cream that had resveratrol in it a few times each day, it helps to suppress the development of cold sores. In fact, studies showed that it was actually just as effective of Zovirax, which includes acyclovir in it.

Reishi Mushrooms

If you are looking for the best treatment cold sores, you may want to consider Reishi mushrooms. These mushrooms have been used medically for thousands of years by the Chinese. They help to give the immune system a boost and some studies seem to show that they may be able to inhibit the herpes virus from spreading. You can take Reishi as a supplement or as a powder to help get rid of those cold sores quickly.